The breast – The symbol of femininity


If your breasts are small, this can be particularly unpleasant in the summertime. It is then when it can be difficult to conceal the breast size and you might not enjoy wearing nice feminine dresses

Together we can find the ideal breast size for you. With the aid of three-dimensional photography, we will simulate your new look on the computer.

We carry out breast augmentation either using an artificial silicone implant or by means of lipofilling (own body fat). Each technique has its specific advantages and disadvantages.

The procedure is normally carried out as an outpatient under general anaesthetic. After 3 to 7 days you can carry out your normal activities again and you can do sports freely and without restriction after 3 months. Costs range from CHF 8,900 to CHF 9,500.

Today, temporary breast augmentation is also offered with Macrolane, a high-density hyaluronic acid. Following the personal experience I have had working in London, I decided not to endorse this operation technique. I, therefore, do not offer it in my surgery.

We want you to be satisfied and will always give you honest advice.

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