We leave nothing to chance


A thorough consultation is a key element in our approach to plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Even after five years we would like you to still choose us, were you to carry out the same treatment again, and not regret a thing.
To achieve this I will need to know much more about you, including your intentions and expectations. I will then give you an accurate picture of the treatment options we offer, the result you can expect and what risks are involved with the procedure.

During the first consultation we will offer a photographic and detailed documentation about the envisaged procedure. Additionally we can also use three dimensional imaging, which helps you to visualise the results.

No decisions are taken during the first consultation. We offer you the perfect conditions to be able to sleep over it so that you can then decide upon the best solution to suit you.

The fee for the first consulation is CHF 150 and will need to be settled immediately.

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