The face – your calling card


With age our skin changes and the connective tissue beneath it loses its elasticity. Gravity then causes wrinkles to appear and the skin to sag, which changes the proportion of the soft tissue of the face.

The individual parts of the face age in different ways and for different reasons.

We combine various modern techniques in order to be able to treat the individual areas of the face specifically. We can perform a Lower Facelift, a Middle Facelift and an Upper Facelift. There is also the option of using an endoscopic procedure to lift the cheeks only (Vertical Mid Facelift)

With a facelift, we try to restore the youthful proportions of the face and give it a new fresh glow without any visible signs of an operation. Maybe it’s just the neck, the cheeks or the jawline that you want to have improved.

Modern facelift techniques have changed significantly and cannot be compared to the previously used methods.

The silhouette lift is suited to people 35 to 55 years of age. This elegant method does not result in any visible scars. The operation takes place when you are sedated and you can resume your normal activities the following day.

Depending on the procedure prices range from CHF 5,800 to CHF 25,000.

An isolated lifting of the eyebrows can either be achieved by endoscopy or with minimal invasion using special stitches. When done by endoscopy, this operation can be ideally combined with a tightening of the middle face (vertical mid-facelift).
Costs range from CHF 5,200 to CHF 12,000.

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