Intimate remains intimate

Inner labia can have different shapes. If they are large they can cause pain during intercourse or when riding a bicycle. Vaginal births can also cause a relaxing of the labia which can often lead to altered sexual sensitivity.

During my specialization for intimate surgery, I developed my own technique and perform it now for over 100 times every year. I treat the intimate region as one aesthetic unit, witch includes a tightening of the clitoral area and often a volume correction of the big labia with grafting of your own body fat. You will end up with scarcely any visible scars and you can experience heightened intimate sensitivity as a positive side effect.

The operation is performed as an outpatient in the surgery, when sedated or under general anaesthetic. You can have sexual intercourse again after four to six weeks. Costs of a inner labia reduction are CHF 4,500.

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