The body in harmonious unity


You can notice the ageing of the skin anywhere on the body. Even at a young age pregnancies or strong weight fluctuations can cause permanent stretch marks

The area most affected is the stomach. The skin and its subcutaneous layer can relax and the connective tissue of the abdominal wall can also be affected. In what is known as diastasis recti, the straight abdominal muscles slide apart with the consequence of a bulging of the abdomen.

It is very important that your anatomy is analysed in order to achieve an optimum result.

The incisions to the skin can be concealed by your briefs or bikini. The operation is often combined with liposuction.

Mini tummy tucks are performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic. Full tucks require general anaesthetics and a stay of one or two nights in the Park Hotel Zug or in the Andreas Klinik. An abdominal belt must be worn for six week after the operation. You can perform moderate exercise immediately after the procedure. After three months you can fully exert your body again. Costs range from CHF 9,000 to CHF 17,000.

Normally a tightening of the arms, legs or buttocks takes place under general anaesthetic, followed by an overnight stay. The costs range from CHF 8,000 to CHF 12,000.

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